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25 MAY- 3 AUGUST, 2017


Amar Gallery is proud to present Form:Flow, an upcoming exhibition featuring collections from two of India’s most accomplished contemporary artists, Pandit Khairnar and Parul Thacker. On view from May 25th to August 3rd at 48 Penton Street, London, Form:Flow will explore complementing themes between Khairnar and Thacker, such as abstract arrangement, the relationship between natural and synthetic modes of creation, as well as representation within non-figurative form. The exhibition also forms part of the UK’s year-long cultural programme to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence, and will be the first time the works of Khairnar and Thacker are on display in England. In the exhibition, abstractionist Pandit Khairnar showcases his distinct yet referentially elusive oil on canvas collection. Citing V.S. Gaitonde and Prabhakar Barwe as his prime influences, Khairnar’s practice is to use  ndustrial brushes on a flat surface, treating his canvases as two-dimensional fields where colour and light can shift in space and time. As fascinated by the effects of luminosity in his paintings as he is with the art of colour itself, Khairnar moves beyond the pigmented interplays of conventional abstract expressionism and delves into the world of atmospheric depth, infusing his creations with layer upon layer of oil paint in order to evoke a sense of subconscious rendering. Khairnar’s paintings feel like tangible memories from his past, told through a mystic yet authentic narrative of hues and tones that take him back to the idyllic farming fields of his childhood in Nashik.


Textile specialist Parul Thacker brings together a series of highly visual works that seek to reinterpret the role of the natural world within the realms of the technological. Known for her immaculate finish and highly-detailed application of eclectic material, Thacker turns her study of embroidery and the art of weaving into foundational webs of nylon and fibres, creating theatres of conceptual symmetry that cradle a hybrid of hand-stitched crystals and natural minerals within them. Applying unusual materials such as bloodstone and ash - collected by the artist herself, infusing each piece with a highly personal resonance - Thacker’s articulations are a synthesis of poetic exploration and consummate handmade artistry, locked in a powerful yet sensitive tension between grand design and earthly form.

48 Penton St, London, N1 9QA

25th May - 3rd August, 2017

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