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25 APRIL- 5 JULY, 2017


 Amar Gallery is pleased to announce Night Vision a solo exhibition by artist Piers Jackson. Night Vision brings together two distinct bodies of work: twelve paintings of the cosmos and a series of geometric reliefs inspired by number and proportion. The exhibition will be on view from March 23rd to May 5th 2017 at 48 Penton Street, London.


Inspired by the painted ceiling of the Scrovegni chapel In Italy, Jackson carefully places gold leaf onto glass, and then repeatedly layers lapis acrylic on top, to form the nights sky. The aesthetic effect is reminiscent of Byzantine art but notably removed from any religious context.


Jackson’s second body of work within the exhibition focuses on geometry. The sculptural, polychromatic shapes have a minimalist quality with visual affinities to the work of Sol Lewitt and Joseph Albers. Jackson marries two dimensional surfaces with three dimensional space to create artworks that play with light, form and orientation.


For Jackson, his constellations are mysterious and remind us of a the universe’s majesty.

48 Penton St, London, N1 9QA

23rd March - 3rd May 2017

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