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23 JANUARY- 23 MARCH, 2018


Nicola Plant’s exploratory practice invites the audience to use their own inherent expressivity as the re- search matter of a work that assiduously examines how it can be possible to translate the visceral experi- ence of our inner flux of emotions and sensation into a communicative form of movement?

Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork. The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them. Although possessing it’s own base rhythm, the form entrains to the movements within these expressions. By materialising the embodied dynamics of human expression onto a virtual entity, the piece aims to uncover the characteristic rhythms and qualities within each audience members movements that allow for expression to cross the boundary from an inner private world to a human connection.

Installation by Dr. Nicola Plant. Featuring light by Annie Tådne, sound by Metalogue.
Dr. Nicola Plant is a digital artist, programmer and researcher with a Ph.D in Media Art and Technology at Queen Mary University of London. Nicola’s research interests are human movement and expression, embodiment, intersubjectivity and the vicarious experience of empathy. Her research asks: What quali- ties of movement convey the intangible aspects of human experience? What does it mean to be embod- ied? How can technology augment or embody the experience of embodiment? Specialising in motion capture, she makes movement-based interactive installations and experiences.

Annie Tådne works within the intersection of art and technology. Her interests lie in the synthesis of art, media, technology and architecture, where space and time are paramount in all of her creations. She explores spatial and embodied cognition through audiovisual and performative modes of expression. Lately, she has inquired into certain aspects of post-digitalism, where the combination of light, sound, space, materials, and structures can give new resonance to how we consider art and technology, and amplify the construction of a reality that is active, dynamic and co-evolutionary.

Metalogue is the solo moniker of multi-disciplinary sound artist and programmer Robin Fencott. Based
in London, Robin has performed internationally and released music on labels including Abstrakt Reflec- tions, Section Twentyseven and Holotone. Heis one half of post rock/IDM outfit Microscopists, co-runs an experimental club night called Towards Collapse and frequently collaborates with film makers, VJs, and digital artists. Robin holds a Ph.D in Music Computing and is a freelance software engineer, producing code for interactive installations, animatronics and mobile apps.

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