About the Artist

Nicola Plant is a movement artist, coder and researcher with a PhD in Media Art and Technology at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London. Nicolas research interests are human movement and expression, embodiment, intersubjectivity and the vicarious experience of empathy. Nicola’s research asks: What qualities of movement convey the intangible aspects of human experience? What does it mean to be embodied? How can technology augment or embody the experience of embodiment? Specialising in motion capture, she makes movement-based interactive installations and experiences. Nicola has been resident at Fish Island Labs. A creative platform for emerging artists and technologists run by the Barbican Centre and The Trampery. Her work has been presented at exhibitions and conferences worldwide.

Artist CV



2015 VR Installation: ‘Movements of Being’

Interfaces, Fish Islands Labs Showcase @ Barbican Centre, London.

2013 Installation: ‘Surface T ension
ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Paris.

2012 Installation: ‘Headache: A Study of Expressive Gesture’ Digital Shoreditch Festival, London.

2012 Workshop Leader: ‘Conductive Textiles and Thermochromic Inks’ Central Saint Martins, London.

2011 Workshop Leader: ‘T.Hack with G.Hack’ Space Studios, London.

2011 Collaborative Installation: ‘Sound Mapping London Tea Houses’ London Design Festival, V&A Museum, London.

2011 Interactive Installation: ‘Mirror Being’ Digital Shoreditch Festival, London.

2011 Workshop Leader: ‘Just a Switch’ V&A Musuem, London.

2011 Collaborative Installation: ‘Threads and Yarns’
Wellcome Trust 75th Anniversary Symposium, V&A Museum, London.

2008 Live Electronics and Media Installations: ‘The Architect’ & ‘The Materialisation of Sound’ BIAD Degree Show, Birmingham, UK.

2008 Performance: ‘Faceless, Trapped by Technology’ New Generation Arts Festival, Birmingham, UK.

2007 Live Electronics Performance: ‘LRRH’
Technology in Performance Concert, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.

Healey, P. G., Plant, N., Howes, C., & Lavelle, M. (2015). When Words Fail: Collaborative Gestures

During Clarification Dialogues. In 2015 AAAI Spring Symposium Series.

Curzon, P., Plant, N., McOwan, P. W., & Meagher, L. R. (2014). Introducing teachers to computational

thinking using unplugged storytelling. In Proceedings of the 9th Workshop in Primary and Secondary

Computing Education (pp. 89-92). ACM​